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Piper Jade

You know that saying that you didn’t know you were missing something until you had it? That’s exactly how I felt once I met my niece, Piper. I had no idea that my heart had a Piper sized hole in in, but boy am I glad that she’s here now.

Welcome to the family Miss Piper, I think you will fit in just fine.

Beyond love them!

Beyond love them!

Just a side note; if you would like to include a short mini session at the hospital before your newborn shoot, please let me know. I am so happy that I was able to provide these more intimate photos of the new member of the family for my sister and her husband.

Happy Place

I recently asked on my Facebook page “Where is your happy place?” I was slightly surprised that all who answered had some variation of the beach as their answer. I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised because that was my answer as well! That little girl absolutely loved our little impromptu vacation we recentlyContinue Reading

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